BABY #1- 6 Clomid cycles, 2 IUIs with Femara, 1 IVF with 3 embryos transferred, 2 more IUIs with Femara & Follistim, and finally 1 IUI with Follistim.
BABY #2 - 2 Follistim cycles and natural conception

Decided to start a family May 2005. After testing & un-related delays, began first treatment cycle Oct 2005. First pregnancy confirmed Sept 2007. Second pregnancy confirmed Mar 2011.

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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Clomid #2

My test was negative.. so not preggo this time. I had really hoped we'd have good news to surprise everyone at Christmas. On to try #2...

Last try was at 50mg daily for days 3-7 which is apparenlty the lowest dosage. So he bumped me up to 100 mg this time. AF didn't show on her own though, so I'm stuck waiting another two weeks for my progesterone to kick in.