BABY #1- 6 Clomid cycles, 2 IUIs with Femara, 1 IVF with 3 embryos transferred, 2 more IUIs with Femara & Follistim, and finally 1 IUI with Follistim.
BABY #2 - 2 Follistim cycles and natural conception

Decided to start a family May 2005. After testing & un-related delays, began first treatment cycle Oct 2005. First pregnancy confirmed Sept 2007. Second pregnancy confirmed Mar 2011.

For other IF couples
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Friday, August 31, 2007

PCOS Awareness Auction

Tomorrow morning at 9AM Central, the bidding opens on the 2007 PCOS Awareness Auction. Proceeds will benefit the Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Association. The acution will run until Sept. 28.

Visit the auction


Martina McBride/Brad Warren/Brett Warren (BMI)

You can spend your whole life buildin'
Somethin' from nothin'
One storm can come and blow it all away
Build it anyway

You can chase a dream
That seems so out of reach
And you know it might not ever come your way
Dream it anyway

God is great, but sometimes life ain't good
When I pray it doesn't always turn out like I think it should
But I do it anyway
I do it anyway

This world's gone crazy and it's hard to believe
That tomorrow will be better than today
Believe it anyway
You can love someone with all your heart
For all the right reasons
And in a moment they can choose to walk away
Love 'em anyway

(Repeat Chorus)

You can pour your soul out singin'
A song you believe in
That tomorrow they'll forget you ever sang
Sing it anyway
Yeah sing it anyway

I sing
I dream
I love anyway

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Video Parade

Almost there.. just a few more days til HPT...

Here a lady gives herself antagon. These are easy b/c they are prefilled & in a nice glass syringe. But the meds sting. And I just noticed she didn't push the air out first. You're supposed to hold it up and push out the air bubbles. This one comes with a giant airbubble at the top and it's easy in this glass syringe to accidently push it too far. I've squirted a little of the medicine out before when I did it too fast. I've taken this in both IUI & IVF cycles. This cycle I took this the two nights before trigger shot.

Monday, August 27, 2007

The Friends Fertility Test

oh the joys of fertility testing

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Shooting up

Here's a chic giving herself a Follistim injection using a Follistim pen. This is the drug I used in both IUI & IVF. I never could hold the pen the way she is (which is how they taught us to). Just seemed too much like a jabbing motion, I hold the pen closer to the needle. I love how excited she is at the end that she did it. Superquick.

Ok so I really want to show two videos today. But this lady in the second one has a pretty foul mouth on her so I'm only going to link to it, instead of embeding, and it's up to you if you want to watch it or not. The reason I like it though is because she gets herself all 'siked out'. I've done this so many times! Over the last year I've taken dozens of these little shots, but every now & then you freak yourself out. Karla shoots up!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Dr. Lovely

The only funny thing about this video is that this chic's name is really Dr. Lovely. But it's a good, quick overview of IUI (about a minute).

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Eat more ice cream

alright this just makes me laugh.. way to go UNC, that's a stellar story

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Video Parade

A quick one ... and totally random

Monday, August 20, 2007

Video Parade

To entertain myself (and hopefully a few of you out there in WWW land) through this two week wait, I'm going to start a video parade. I'll be featuring some videos here that are either informational, funny, or just caught my eye over the next two weeks. I may even throw in a few pictures if I can't find a video I like. I was going to call this 'video of the day' but can't promise I'll remember every day. Just a warning, there aren't that many humorous infertility videos out there. I'll do the best I can but may go 'offtopic' now & then to lighten up the mood.

To start us off, I picked a cute, though somewhat bitter animation. It runs about 4 minutes. This one started me on my infertility video kick awhile back, but I never posted it here. In case you don't know/remember, RE is Reproductive Endocrinologist (basically the fertility doc).

So here's 'My Aunt Jane knows more than my RE' by Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters

Sunday, August 19, 2007

IUI #5

DH & I got up bright & early (5AM for a 6:30 appt) for our IUI this morning. We were the first patients to arrive at the clinic, the doors to the building were even still locked when we first got there. Everything went really smooth, other than the doc couldn't find my cervix at first. But there was no pain or discomfort at all which is unusual. I've had some cramping this afternoon though. But that's it, this is always the anticlimactic part. Now we wait. Again.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Multiple Risk

My scan today showed still 4 follies that were mature. On my right ovary, had some big ones, I think the two were between 18-20mm, the large one may have even been bigger. I've already forgotten the exact measurements. The left had smaller ones, one larger than the other. RE thought the smallest one of the left was a 'maybe' on whether it had a mature egg or not.

Because of all those follicles, my RE & I had a nice little chat about the risk of multiples that he had mentioned on Wednesday. He wanted me to be aware that I'd likely have to go for 'reduction' if I got pregnant with trips or quads. So we discussed the possibilities and there was a way to reduce the risk. Instead of doing an IUI, we could finish the cycle by trying at home. If this had been only my 2nd or 3rd try, he would have strongly recommended that option. However, being my 5th IUI and already having done IVF once, he left it up to us. DH & I decided to stick with IUI as it has the best chance of a pregnancy. Even though trying at home limits the risk of multiples, it also reduces the chances of a pregnancy at all. Right now we just want the best chances we can get, and can worry about multiples & reduction if we get there. You know, cross that bridge when we come to it. He didn't bother taking my e2 as it would not change either option. If this doesn't work, it will be the last IUI. RE said IVF would be the next step. That was another deciding factor but not a surprise.

So with all that in mind, we scheduled an IUI for Sunday. (Going to have to get up at the crack of dawn! Our appts are at 6:30 & 7:30 in Raleigh). So I'll take my trigger shot tonight at 6 which will have me ready for Sunday morning. Really the timing worked out well. I'm co-hosting a bridal shower tomorrow and need to shop tonight. So I'm glad we don't have the IUI until Sunday.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

4 Follies

My RE said I was close to ready. He found four follicles that were almost the right size. My right ovary had a 15mm & 13mm, the left had two 10s. So, he's upped my follistim to 75IUs (from 50) and added a shot of antagon (ganirelix acetate) tonight & tomorrow night. Then return on Friday for another scan with expectation that IUI will be Sunday. Of course he did say I'm at risk for multiples due to the number of follicles. But I'm not too concerned about that right now, since my body has not been in a hurry for just a single.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Big box of meds

It's odd getting a big box of medicine delivered to the door (yes I just ordered yesterday after my appt, but these specialist pharmacies understand the urgency & schedules of IUI/IVF). And it was over a 100 degrees today again so I'm glad I was here to bring it in right away. (Most of mine has to be refrigerated). They pack it pretty good with icepacks & special bags, but at these temps it's better not to take the chance.

Up through today, I'd been using leftover meds from IVF (besides a few Rxs I had to fill here & there). But when RE said to up the dose, I knew I didn't have enough left to get through this round. I had to order more from the IVF pharmacy and man is it expensive. After insurance, it was still $200. I was glad to see when I opened it that it was way more than I'd need for this one cycle. So that helped a little with the 'sticker shock'. It's more than enough to get me through at least one more cycle if need be. (Hopefully not necessary though!). I was disappointed I didn't get a sharps container like with my last shipment. Mine is full, so next time I'll have to remember to ask them about that.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Here we go again... (aka IUI #5)

Yep it's already time for another go. Thats one thing with infertility, you barely get time to let the last negative test (hpt or beta) sink in before it's time to move on (unless it's IVF, they make you wait after that).

This morning, after my scan, Dr Meyer suggested we change my protocol for this cycle. So, no more Femara. Instead, I'll start the Follistim earlier (day 3 instead of 7) and up the dose. Taking 75IUs tonight and then 50 until I go back next Wed (15th). I had been taking only 37.5IUs. This is a more agreesive schedule, but not too much. After 2 previous cycles with the same doses, he didn't think it made any sense to try another without making changes. He said I could try another if I wanted to, but I'm in agreement we shouldn't keep trying the exact same thing over & over.

Monday, August 06, 2007


My pregnancy test this morning was negative.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Lady Saw - No less Than A Woman 'Infertility'


Pomegranates, a longstanding symbol of fertility, serve as a strong analogy to those suffering through infertility. Though each pomegranate skin is unique in colour and texture, the seeds inside are remarkably similar from fruit to fruit. Though our diagnosis is unique—endometriosis, low sperm count, luteal phase defect, or causes unknown—the emotions, those seeds on the inside, are the same from person to person. Infertility creates frustration, anger, depression, guilt, and loneliness. Compounding these emotions is the shame that drives people suffering from infertility to retreat into silence.

In addition, the seeds represent the multitude of ways one can build their family: natural conception, treatments, adoption, third-party reproduction, or even choosing to live child-free.

The pomegranate thread holds a two-fold purpose: to identify and create community between those experiencing infertility as well as create a starting point for a conversation. Women pregnant through A.R.T., families created through adoption, or couples trying to conceive during infertility can wear the thread, identifying themselves to others in this silent community. At the same time, the string serves as a gateway to conversations about infertility when people inquire about its purpose. These conversations are imperative if we are ever to remove the social stigma attached to infertility.Tie on the thread because you’re not alone. Wear to make aware.

Join us in starting this conversation about infertility by purchasing this pomegranate-coloured thread (#814 by DMC) at any craft, knitting, or variety store such as Walmart or Target. Tie it on your right wrist. Notice it on others.
Above statement comes from Stirrup Queens and Sperm Palace Jesters (link on side bar). I've been wearing my infertility thread for a couple weeks now.