BABY #1- 6 Clomid cycles, 2 IUIs with Femara, 1 IVF with 3 embryos transferred, 2 more IUIs with Femara & Follistim, and finally 1 IUI with Follistim.
BABY #2 - 2 Follistim cycles and natural conception

Decided to start a family May 2005. After testing & un-related delays, began first treatment cycle Oct 2005. First pregnancy confirmed Sept 2007. Second pregnancy confirmed Mar 2011.

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Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year Bloggers & Blog readers! I've been MIA for the last two weeks as I had taken my computer down to redo our office & to setup the nursery! I've got updates to make here, so I'll get to that later this week (I'll be backdating some of the entries as that helps me keep track of when things happened). I hope everyone had a great Christmas & is enjoying the last of 2007 today!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Friday, December 21, 2007

19 week ultrasound

Thanks to the research study I'm participating in, I'd already found out the sex (boy if you are just joining us) at 16 weeks. So the doc & I agreed that it made sense to wait a little longer before having another ultrasound, so we pushed it out to the end of my 19th week (today is 19w4d).

My mom & I have been hard at work this week (I've been off all this week & do not go back until Jan 2!!! I love my annual two weeks off) so she tagged along today. I work at home so I had a home office, and my husband had his computer in the room next to my office. But his room is going to be the nursery, so we had to figure out how to combine the two rooms. My old huge desk had to come out & we had to go thru all my stuff & reduce the clutter. We also repainted the room (no better time than when you already have it emptied out) and put together some new furniture. I have been exhausted! But I am glad we got it done and that we did this during my 2nd trimester. I know I did not have near the energy needed to this during the 1st trimester and I assume I won't as the 3rd sneaks up on me either.

Anyway, the ultrasound was quick as usual & everything lookd good. I did have the tech confirm the gender for us (before I buy a bunch of blue paint next week). I haven't scanned in the pics yet (our cat has currently taken up residence on top of my scanner & is sound asleep) but they really weren't that exciting anyway. There is one cute one where all you see is a foot, but the rest are hard to tell what is what. I'll post a few later.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Monday, December 10, 2007

18 week checkup

For my readers that don't live in the south, I have to say you missed out today. It was a gorgeous day here in central NC and a record-setter too. We hit 81° here in the Triangle, which is the all time record high for December. I went to my checkup today in flip-flops & a tshirt with the windows rolled down in my car! It's been enjoyable!

My checkup was not too exciting. I had some bloodwork done (finger-stick & regular blood draw -ugh). They found my iron is still too low (10.7) so I have to take supplements. I'm still showing at just 4lbs over my pre-preggo weight which the doctor says is 'textbook' weight-gain. So that's good, I had thought it seemed low. Though no u/s, the doc did listen to Jaxon's heartbeat (159) once he found it. Apparently BabyJ would not hold still. The doc seemed pretty entertained by it (but I'm the one getting jabbed in the belly). He said that there was no doubt the baby is doing well since he was so active. I really liked this doc, but since they have about 8 or so docs, not sure how often I'll see him.

Now for the fun part - I think I finally felt him move! It's kinda hard to be sure though. They had left me for a long time in the exam room waiting for the doc. So I took advantage of a few minutes of quiet to just relax. While I was sitting there, with my eyes shut, I felt something. It was very slight, and felt like a muscle twitch. So then I concentrated and felt it again though I still was doubtful about it being the baby. I guess after all the jabbing with the doppler thingy, Jax was up & about. When I got home I could feel that same twitch quite frequently, enough to know it is at least not a normal non-pregnant feeling. It was kind of exciting. Jack was so funny, when I told him, he tried to feel it (not quite to that point yet!) and made funny faces while doing so. It'll be fun when he can feel it too!

Belly Shot

My belly around 16 weeks

Saturday, December 01, 2007

So much stuff...

Jack & I spent some time today finishing up our baby registries. Man, there is so much stuff and so many decisions! I'd already registered for all the cutsie stuff at Target like clothes and blankets. But we needed to make some decisions together, like car seats & strollers, the more practical stuff.

At Target, Jack was able to pull down all the strollers (that are up too high to really tell anything about them). So we played with them & I'm so glad we did. Some were hard to fold up, some hard to unfold, some too heavy, etc. Jack was very patient and actually had a lot of input as to what he thought was good or bad about each one. The other aisles we went through pretty quick & got just about everything we needed.

After lunch, we went on to Babies 'R' Us to see what other options we had. There the strollers were down low and they had someone there in the section that knew all about each one. That's where we found the stroller we really liked (super easy & fast to fold up), though of course it's about fifty bucks more than the most expensive one at Target. Ugh. And that's just the stroller portion of our day! There are so many decisions that we got tired of trying to compare. On the other items we just said that one looks good - scan it. LOL.

So for you other preggos that haven't registered yet, here's my comparison of these two stores.

TARGET - Easy to do both online & instore. Good if you are independent and don't need much help. The scanner is user friendly with a colored touchscreen & updates automatically. If you go this route, my suggestion is to start your registry online. Then when you go to the store, all you have to do is print out a barcode from the kiosk (make sure you remember your password as you have to enter it) and then get a scanner from the customer service desk. Easy & fast! Know that most of the items you register for in store are not available online and vice versa. (I found bedding I really love online and it's not in the store).

BABIES R US - Still pretty easy, but more time consuming. Don't try to do this when you have limited time. Very good if you are a new mom and need directions. (Jack thought we should have gone here first). You'll sit down at a desk and talk to a registry lady who knows all about the registry & baby stuff. She'll take you through a whole booklet before ever handing you a scanner. The booklet is good though & they have checklists so you don't miss anything (this helped Jack understand what all we would need). The scanner is the old fashioned kind, no fancy touchscreen. Again I had started mine online and it seemed to save quite a bit of time. We did have to wait again at the registry desk while they did something to the registry after we were done. I guess it's not automatically updated. But the updates were there online by the time I got home. Also, if you need furniture, Babies R Us has tons of it and it's all out on display.

Overall, I'd say they are both good. We have fewer items on the Babies R Us registry just because I'd already registered for most stuff at Target. But Babies R Us obviously has more choices in the store. (Though they only have my bedding online just like Target - doh). Another thing I like about Target is that there simply are more of them so it's a little more convenient.