BABY #1- 6 Clomid cycles, 2 IUIs with Femara, 1 IVF with 3 embryos transferred, 2 more IUIs with Femara & Follistim, and finally 1 IUI with Follistim.
BABY #2 - 2 Follistim cycles and natural conception

Decided to start a family May 2005. After testing & un-related delays, began first treatment cycle Oct 2005. First pregnancy confirmed Sept 2007. Second pregnancy confirmed Mar 2011.

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Monday, October 30, 2006

IUI #1

I had my first IUI today.. DH had to come in about 1.5 hours b4 me to do his part. Then, I was surpised to find out that a different doc would be doing my procedure. It was a little awkward but no worse than the HSG test. I had to stay there on the table for about 10 mins b4 I could get up. DH was headed back to work after his part, so while I waited to get up, I had to laugh that if this works, our child would be conceived while we were in different cities.. very possibly different counties if DH went back to the Lillington office. Won't that be something to tell the kids one day.